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Toys Entertain The Mind-

Hobbies Develop It! 



Before buying a toy from a big box store, consider the difference you get when you give the gift of a hobby. 


1. Broken toys are just paper weights. When you buy something from us, we have replacement parts to keep it going. 


2. Children outgrow toys. Most of our products can be upgraded at any pace to grow with your child. As their skills grow, our products can be made faster, stronger, and bigger, to consistently challenge and develop their skills. 


3. Toys are just temporary entertainment. With hobbies, your child will learn skills that they can use throughout their lifetime. Fixing a broken part or planning an upgrade will teach critical thinking skills most toys and video games can't provide. 


4.  Hobbies can create a stronger sense of ownership. When we create something, we cherish it. When your child spends time developing their hobby, there is a stronger sense of pride and respect for it. 


5.  Toys have little social interaction. Most children play with toys with their siblings or a few school friends. Hobbies provide much larger social engagement through clubs, meets, events, forums, and groups. The networks for hobbies are almost limitless. 


These are just some of the differences you get along with residual benefits that last a lifetime. 


Hobbies are not for everyone and not every child will pick one up. But if they do, it will teach skills they will not learn from toys or video games. If you want to get your child away from the TV or cell phone, bring them in. Let them look around and see if anything sparks their interest. If you already know that your child would enjoy radio controlled cars, planes, boats, helicopters, trains, or plastic models, we can help you get them started. In most cases, we have started models that are ready to run, just like the big box stores, for around $100. You can't beat that! 


Our staff is very knowledgeable and we can help you set your child on the right path. You might pick something out for yourself too, you might be surprised. 


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