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The biggest selections, the best prices! 

We have them all! Cars, trucks, classics, motorcycles, prototypes, tanks, planes, helicopters, boats, ships, spaceships, and rare models you can't even find online. We also have all the supplies you could want.

Plastic Models

Scale Information

Most car kits are usually 1:24 or 1:25 scale; aircraft kits are generally 1:72, 1:48 or 1:32 scale. The most popular ship model scales are 1:700 and 1:350, while most military vehicles are 1:35 scale. There are many manufacturers of scale models. Some of the leading companies are Tamiya, Dragon, Hasegawa, Revell and Trumpeter. 



At Mid-South Hobbies, we make sure to stock everything you need for your hobbies, to the best of our ability. In conjunction with this, we try to provide what you need to prepare, build, and paint your models with our variety of products. 


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